Shanghai, China


MODERN CONDO SHANGHAI CHINA - After sitting on the couch watching a documentary on the Great Wall of China, and thinking to myself: "I want to walk on that wall",...we were contacted and hired by interior designer Cheryl Gillespie to team up with her in designing this unlimited budget interior for an extremely high-end residential project in the heart of Shanghai. Maybe prayer still works,...hmmm. Part of our job was to oversee communication of the details to ensure clear translation from our culture to theirs. We flew in 6 times over the course of 3 years to work with their interpreters to achieve perfection. This job was a once in a lifetime opportunity to spread our wings and stretch out of our western culture and into a world of palaces to serve the Kings and Queens of business in the orient. The Chinese owners of the project were so impressed with all of are hard work that the design team did that they sent all of the design team to walk on the Great Wall as a bonus trip.