"Capturing your vision and your dream each step of the way is my priority when it comes to designing your future home. Getting it right is very important to me."

"As an option to my clients, I offer 3D perspective views to help ensure that you understand exactly what I am proposing through the design process."

Paul Nesbitt


Have a good look at some of my projects to view only a small portion of the work I have done over the last 40 years.

We offer our clients the option of having me act as their "eyes and ears" on the building site throughout the construction duration for a 5% fee of the overall cost to build the project. I can introduce you to the right guy to see that process through. I know who are the right builders in town that will work for 10% of the overall cost and had good fair sub-trade pricing.Through 20 years of construction experience in walking through the overall building process from design to "turn key" with all types of clients, I know where the common stress points on jobs happen. I am committed to walking through that process as smoothly and as calmly with clients as possible to minimize their stress and be there to communicate and educate them to the process so that the builder and the client understand each other,...minimizing costly mistakes and timely errors.

Nesbitt Originals is known for the level of detail we go to, on behalf of our clients, to ensure that they get what was designed. I become the clients' "eyes and ears" on site, stewarding with the builder on how the client's money is best spent, without waste. We offer a unique service to be the "Middle Man" between the builder and the client. As I mentioned above,...I know who are the right builders in our region, and who simply are not. "I lead my clients to the right people, at the right time, in the right place to see their dreams come to pass". 

We continually provide trustworthy and knowledgeable direction in all context of the project and work hard to be honest and fair with each sub-trade working on our clients homes. In 40 years of doing business in the Okanagan Valley, we have always completed our projects without any lawyers or legal challenges that are common in this industry.

Staying current and on the cutting edge of technology as it relates to green living in ultimate healthy environments is a strong value of Nesbitt Originals. Focusing on products in the marketplace that are sustainable and environmentally smart is our ever evolving goal.

I will help you connect to a builder that recycles all materials wherever possible, right from drywall, to wood, paper, cardboard, metal and glass. Ensuring the contracted builder and sub-trades keep a clean and organized jobsite. I will connect you to the right sub-trades that will perform to the top of their abilities on your behalf. If remediation work is required then environmental engineers will formulate reports and the proper hazmat firms are hired to satisfy their requirements.

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