"My design philosophy revolves around cool, innovative, usability, organized planning that makes an architectural impact. Have a look at some of my projects to see some of the work I have done"

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Our pricing is a one-time arrangement

Mogens Smed was in the construction industry as a contractor himself for over 30 years, and he always stressed doing detailed drawings until the job was done right. We agree with his excellent attitude in this area. If extra drawings are required after the permit has been issued, then we just do it, as our pricing is a one-time arrangement. We can work by the square foot or by the hour depending on our clients needs.

Normally on new homes I charge by the square foot, as in my experience it is the fairest way to assess the overall fees for service. Some clients only need me to detail a fireplace, or design a kitchen, or design a face lift to the front of their home, and in these cases it is better to just design it by the hour. Please make an appointment with me to discuss my fee structure in more detail based on your needs. Builder referred pricing is available upon request.

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Morgens Smed

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