Casa Loma, Kelowna, BC


FLORENDINE'S CASA LOMA RESIDENCE - Janice searched for a Kelowna House Designer to help her create a Euro piece of original art. This beautiful European themed home was designed and built to reflect and honour the timeless structures of our forefathers. Sited on the shores of Casa Loma on Okanagan Lake, this design will outlast the ebbs and flows of the trends. The client wanted a look that was old from day one. She loved the little towns of Europe that she had so many fond memories of from her many trips. We tried to recapture that feeling for her, so she could feel like she was sitting in the French Riviera sipping on a glass of red wine with the sun setting, causing rest and peace. This home was full of challenges and surprises as the hillside had major water running through it. The owner need the walkout basement to be as glamorous as the upstairs main living level. She wanted deep set windows from inside and outside in a curving layout, which meant that we had to design it with a triple wall system. What an effect as the high ceilings and the huge plaster crowns, give signature to this endless array of visual beauty.