Carrs Landing, Lake Country, BC


SMED RESIDENCE - In the same day, I ran into two of my former clients and they said the same thing: "Smed is looking for a House Designer from Kelowna,...give him a call". So that is what I did, and Mogens hired me over the phone and flew me to Calgary to meet him. Faced with a new foreshore riparian setback bylaws and an already shallow lot, the decision to keep the original foundation became the base for this nautical themed concept. On one side, Mogens loved high-tech modern houses as he had a strong design sense, with his Danish roots. On the other side, Nikki loved rustic traditional home design with a symmetrical order in her English roots. I suggested that they combine their tastes into a nautical style house design and they loved it - as they both have the ocean and boating in their hearts. With the knowledge that their company would use the residence to entertain their international clients, the layout had to be flexible and simple to serve as a base to take their guests golfing, boating, and snow skiing. The giant central great room anchors the middle of the home. Six bedrooms the size of hotel rooms service their guests. The guest rooms each have two queen size beds with private access to the internet in each room. There is a separate ensuite in every room to insure that each individual could feel at home and relax. The cabana beach bar feels like you are on the deck of an ocean liner as the water completely engulfs the outbuilding on three sides. Themed from the gates to the dock, this home is full of museum quality marine art and artifacts. Mogens once said to me "Use it as your show home. If you don't, you are not really proud of it."