Carrs Landing, Lake Country, BC


O'ROURKE ESTATE RESIDENCE - Upon first meeting Dennis on his steep hillside lakefront acreage, and having to use a long rope to descend down a 45 degree hillside onto 4 feet of beach, I knew I was in for an experience of a lifetime. Dennis is a man with a vision rarely found in this industry, as he explained that he was going to excavate a site to design an unique estate residence upon and get back to me with a 3D view of the topography. A year passed and he returned to my office with that perspective drawing. Not only was the platform he created perfect, but his vision for a garage 65 feet above, placed on a second higher platform was forged as well. Budget was never discussed as he was looking to leave a legacy for his family that could stand throughout the generations to come. This 117 acre estate home with its own golf green, surprises you at every turn. It is truly a gem as it has recently seen a renovation and addition to die for.