Lakeshore Rd, Kelowna, BC


FOX RHINE RESIDENCE - This ultra modern, high tech residence design, is perfectly sited into the twisted cross slope on this oddly shaped hillside topography. The design direction came to me divinely in China as I was inspired by a place called "the end of the earth". Shonna Fox wanted to create a resort like idea that had never been done before in style and charisma. The idea to simply take a scissor truss and flip it upside down came to me along with the vision of angel wings that are symbolic of standing over, protecting and guarding its occupants. The opportunity to play with the simple art form on this project with bridges, elevators, wings, angled walls, infinity edge pool, and rear yard connected to the house, ultimately gave this a completely different end result. The possibilities seem endless, as modelled in this one of a kind estate home design.