Sailview Bay, West Kelowna, BC


SAILVIEW BAY RESIDENCE - Living in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, the owner, a designer and builder himself, looked for a designer / builder with similar design skills to compliment his sense of thinking. I was flown into Puerto Vallarta to meet Mr. Good to find out that he wanted to do a high end custom spec home on his property up in British Columbia. Torn between the hot beaches of Mexico and his love for the Canadian lifestyle, he had us design and build the home as an ultimate guys play space. The site was extremely steep, and required an originally conceived layout to solve it. We set the house foundations over 20 feet below the street level. The garage was built on a bridge that structurally spanned over top of the 2 storey house walls. The bridge surface was flush with the street curb. This made for easy access into the split "his & hers" garages. The central entrance offered an elevator and a grand access stairway down into the main residence. The stunning floor to ceiling glass dramatizes the all-water view as this modern home is perched 30 feet above the dock. It boasts an award winning, state of the art kitchen to die for. One of my personal favorites for sure.