"When you're out looking for a home designer, you may want to consider their background & experience very carefully before you hire them. I've been focused on cutting edge design all my working life. Right from junior high school right through college, and all my days working for architects that mentored me into their key secrets in design. I am now in my early 60's and I want to share my experience and knowledge through integrity with you until you're so satisfied in my effort, that you'll end up recommending me to all your friends. Please take a moment and read the: "Our Clients" referral letters under the AWARDS section above where there is a button that says: "More Testimonials"."

Paul Nesbitt


Always original... never copies

NESBITT ORIGINALS was established in 1981, when Paul Nesbitt made the change from working for architects to creating his own unique concepts and designs. Having studied at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Paul knew the opportunity that was in front of him, and he was passionate about developing his own unique and innovated architectural style and originality.

  • My previous clients become my best brochure! They are the ones that truly experience the delight of the final product. Most often we become longterm friends because of the positive relationship we build throughout the project.
Paul Nesbitt

Nesbitt Originals Ltd. was a registered builder within British Columbia, insured by Travellers Insurance Company for 20 years. Nesbitt Originals is registered with the Better Business Bureau. Paul has now shifted his focus back to his original passion, designing innovative, trend setting, resort like lifestyle concepts.

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